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Sanitary AIRIZ yang hebat

Tiens Airiz Sanitary Pad (Day Use)

(10 pcs /pack)

Silk-thin soft cotton surface layer;
Unique design of flow layer with active oxygen & negative ion pads;
Having functions of preventing gynecologic diseases, regulating blood circulation, enhancing immunity, sterilizing and eliminating of odor;
Ultra thin design with powerful water absorption and retention ability making you feel more comfortable and refreshed.
Length of Pad : 24cm

Product features of AiRiZ active oxygen and negative ion sanitary pad
1. Skin care: soft cotton surface giving you delicate care as tender as mother’s hands.
2. Leakage proof: With unique three-dimensional protection and leakage proof design, you can freely move without any worry.
3. Air permeability: With unique breathable but water impermeable membrane, you will feel dry and comfortable.
4. Water retention: Adopting imported liquid absorbent factors, it’s able to prevent side leakage and at the same time making you feel refreshed and comfortable.
5. Double patch: AiRiZ sanitary pad is adopting active oxygen & negative ion double-patch technique to combine active oxygen and negative ion.

Ahad, 13 Mei 2012


Tiens is booming … Where is the Money?

If this is your first year in Tiens Business, congratulations for joining a wonderful business model that’s just overflowing with incredible positive people in a world full of negativity.
I wanted to write this for you! Tiens is about connecting, but the business has transformed. Maybe what I’m about to tell you is exactly what you expect, but for those of us dinosaurs in the business…. trust me, it’s changed massively in just the last 2-3 years and now it’s evolving more every single day.

So here’s the scoop on Tiens business in 2012 and beyond.

Tiens business boils down to 7 steps.

1. Build a blog using WordPress. It’s your home base and the world’s window to you!
2. Learn about keyword research. It’s the most important skill on the net. You’ll use it for the next two skills.
3.Learn how to Article marketing and get the tools to automate it, WHY?.. It’s FREE!!!
4. Learn how to do video marketing, get comfortable in front of the camera and get the tools to automate it.
5. Learn what a Lead Generating Affiliate Funnel System is and how to use it.
6. Learn how to sponsor people. It’s an art that can be learned and in time they’ll be attracted to you anyway.
7. Learn how to form a tribe and promote other people while they promote you.

Yikes…How in the world are you going to learn all this??? Not a problem… Opt in below and I’ll connect you with the best lead funnel system on the market that will train you in every area above… and way more!!
You’ll be sent emails from me wanroshani7477@gmail.com that you’ll have to click on a link to confirm your subscription. For your sake, just do it! This is Tiens Business.

You’ll know more about building a Tiens business than 95% of the people in the business either won’t do or have no idea how to do it. And you’ll learn it within a few weeks if you listen and take action.
It’s all about creating an income and generating network marketing leads to sponsor other into your Tiens business on autopilot!!

Jawatan Kosong Untuk Anda


MLM is the biggest scam in the world and it is going global with companies like Tiens.

They will tell you that all you need is fresh leads from a good mailing list and people will sign up faster than a NASCAR race car.

Are you kidding me? Fresh MLM leads! Don't fall for that.

Get real.

Remember, "There's a sucker born every minute...and two to take 'em". Burn that into your brain.

If their leads are so good, where is their money-back guarantee? Leadbakery is just one example of a list seller and they are even worse than the MLM companies.

Listen! There has never been a successful course or book on MLM success - all boil down to this:

talk to lots of people with questions like "If I could show you a way to make lots of money quick, would you be interested?".

That's the first warning sign that something is rotten in Denmark.

Yes, some will sign up, but unless you are a "heavy hitter" and use illegal methods to trap people into becoming distributors, honest people cannot succeed at this.

Do you know why these courses never work? None of them work because the concept is a con - it's the confidence man's dream, jam packed with hype and hypocrisy.

The only people that will be making money are the list brokers selling the mailing list - and the course writers and seminar creators that purport to teach you how to succeed. If it was such a good deal, why wouldn't they join a MLM company? The mailing list would be free to them. You don't see them giving up a lucrative mailing list business to get into something that doesn't work. They are smart. They get it. And expensive training courses - what a joke. They offer courses that will never work for the gullible and naive - the GRQ crowd.

And I always wondered why none of the people who worked the administrative side of the "business" were not distributors if it was such a great deal. They knew a job was better than the smoke and mirrors, pie in the sky hype used to sell MLM.

MLM is the world's biggest scam. I have tried it a couple of times, the last being Herbalife. It has now moved into the Internet to trap people into believing that they can Get Rich Quick. It is going global.

The only way to make big money is to sell distributorships for thousands of dollars.

If you do the math, and you are able to sign up lots of people, which is doubtful, you soon run out of people. You get 2, then those 2 get 2, etc. It the old binary progression. Do it 10 times and you are in the thousands. With every progression, the number doubles. 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024, 2024,4048,9096. The problem is those people in the beginning of the progression opt-out and gobble up the progression faster than Pac-Man. This is known as the "Drop Out Rate".

So what happens when thousands of people are doing this and with the internet it could be millions. You soon run out of people to talk to.

Think about it.

In fact, finally, the numbers will exceed the entire world's population. It is a total dream world, completely out of touch with reality. It always looks good on paper, but none of the "heavy hitters" want to talk about drop-out rates.

Hey! What looks good in a spreadsheet, doesn't translate to reality.

The fact is that only the people who set up the program make money. The next level is all those scam artists that sell and give seminars on how to succeed in MLM. None of the schemes work because the concept is fatally flawed.

Are you kidding me?

Get real.

Next, you will read all the anecdotal claims that the product will cure cancer and all sorts of other maladies. This is just another form of fraud. Where are the scientific double and triple blind studies? There ain't any.

Listen! Ask about the drop-out rate. Yes, the drop out rate.

Over 98% of the people who sign up will drop out after a few months or less. So even if you sign up a few people, they will be gone in months, if not weeks, when they find out how many people they have to talk to for just one distributor.

And your friends will not like you badgering them to join and will avoid you at all costs.

And most of the people who sign up are down-and-out desperate, who can ill afford to waste their money and who may be liable to criminal prosecution for promoting unregistered securities. And that's just in the USA. Foreign companies like Tiens leave you no recourse to any real legal remedies or enforcement.

Most of these programs die eventually leaving the suckers who signed up holding the bag. I had them die on me and not knowing any better, signed up for the latest MLM scam. After several attempts, I finally came to realize that it was all just a scam - some people became almost like religious zealots when they talked about their program that was going to make everyone rich and quick too. I lost a good friend when he believed my wild claims.

The "industry" is full of disingenuous people whose mantra is "Fake it 'til you make it". Doesn't work. More fraud.

Now, it's all done on the Internet via e-mail. But instead of mailing booklets, you get a Web site. But a fraud is still a fraud no matter what media is used to promote it.

This was right before the Internet became popular and I was buying mailing lists through mailing list brokers and mailing thousands of booklets with not much success. I was lucky if 1% of 1% signed up as distributors. And they dropped out faster than I could add new ones.. Pretty soon, you run out of quality people to mail to. The internet makes this even worse, but they have to be more careful, but the spam continues to explode.

I will probably get lots of MLMers who will villify me for trashing MLM, but I've been there and done it and I know first hand what a fraudulent scam it is that can destroy your life, drain you wallet and ruin your friendships.

Kindest Personal Regards,


P.S. Remember, there are no get rich quick schemes that work. If there were, the entire world would be rich in an instant. I used to be gullible and naive and fell for some of them - no more. Be a sceptic. Be a doubting Thomas. Why are there thousands of GRQ schemes, because they work! Thousands of Gullible people believe that there is such a thing as GRQ and con artists take advantage of that - they know there is a sucker born every minute and two to take 'em.
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The Most Complete Detoxification Plan
Tilam bermutu untuk anda dr tiens 

Sakit pinggang...stress...darah tinggi...diabetes...masalah saraf...Masalah Jantung lumpuh...lengguh-lengguh badan...

Bahan bertoksin yang terkumpul dari badan yang menyebabkan semua penyakit tersebut

What is Toxin? 

Generally, all hazardous objects can be defined as “Toxin”. They are categorized as:

Ab Extra Toxin –Bacteria, virus, chemical substances.

Endogenetic Toxin - Residue produced from food digestion, metabolism of the body and pressure.

These toxin are deposited in our colon, skin and blood.

Colonic Toxin - Caused by constipation. The toxin deposited in colon will be absorbed by colon itself and causes tympanites, odorous breath, insomnia etc.

Dermal Toxin - Pore unable to fully eliminate toxin through sweating, the residual toxin deposited on the surface of skin soon become spots and other dermatosis.

Blood Toxin - slack blood circulation. Blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol deposited on the blood vessel and causes arteriosclerosis. The increasing acidity material is the root causes of various sickness.

Aura-Detox – Rebuild a clean & fresh environment for body cells

So far, there is no single method to clear the residual toxins in our body. Aura-Detox is the most natural and complete way of detoxification, it’s perfect combination of energy will allow body cells to undergo a “total cleansing” and restoration. Aura-Detox program is safe, comfortable and proven to be very effective.

The Most Perfect Combination Of Energy

Photon - Invented by Russian, widely used by NASA. Body cell is unable to grow naturally in the non-gravity outer space tend to cause losing of bone mass, muscle atrophy and incomplete recovery of wound. Therefore, astronaut relies on photon to stimulate the cytochrome for cellular metabolism.

Effect : To restore the damaged body cell/ wound, removes spot/ beauty care and relieves pain.

Negative Ion – During Bio-Detox process, a massive volume of negative ion is produced and work onto the body. It strengthens body cell, enhances the metabolism of organs and the detoxification power, in turn to eliminate toxin out of the body.

Effect : To purify body cells, blood, air and stabilize emotion .

FIR – Far Infra Red Ray - FIR is the source of all living things on earth, among it, the FIR wave length of 4-16 micro meter is the best for human. FIR produces heat which is absorbable for reutilizing.

Effect : Activate the water molecule, improve microcirculation, Improve metabolism, balance pH of the body.

Alternative Magnetic Field – During Bio-Detox process, a 3600 times per minute of 400 Gauss energy will stimulate the meridian & collaterals system , balances the bio-electricity of the body and carry out a “cleansing” process for body cells and blood.

So..jika anda ingin sentiasa sihat...hidarkan tokksin dr badan and...hubungi saya untuk maklumat lanjut megenai tilam ini...


Sihat Sokmo

Salam Sejahtera..

Mudah-mudahan semua berada dalam keadaan sihat...

Bagi memastikan diri kita sihat..pilih cara hidup yang sihat...

tapi bila dah x sihat..ikhtiarkan diri menjadi sihat semula